Seven! There have been seven new submissions to the Collection of Spectacles blogroll, which brings it to a whopping total of 81 participants.

What's this? You haven't heard of this blogroll, you say? Well, just be glad that you're hearing about it now, because 81 people have already achieved a higher level of coolness before you, and the situation is becoming more dire by the week. The following seven are the most recent examples of people that are already cooler than you. How can you let this go on?

Knuckle Toes from Knuckle Toes's BlogTypical Quirk from If I Quit Looking For Myself, Maybe I'll Show UpLeeAnn from Inside This BodyKristi from A Beautiful MessDanielle from Knotty YarnTintenfisch from the Ink SpotHuck Finn

So, I invite you to join the Collection of Spectacles whether your glasses are prescription, fashion, sunglasses, or made out cardboard, and if you don't have a website, there's a section for you, too, so anyone can join, sighted or not. Also, there are badges for your website to show off your affiliation with the Collection, if you are so inclined.

I look forward to seeing you!