I Spoke at BlissDom Canada 14 and Learned That I Really Need to Work On My Sexy Face

I Spoke at BlissDom Canada 14 and Learned That I Really Need to Work On My Sexy Face

From Wednesday to Sunday I was in Mississauga, Ontario for BlissDom Canada 2014. The first night that I was there, I turned off my phone, lay about on every piece of furniture, watched tv, ate cake, and showered until the room felt tropical.

In a hotel room, no one can touch you, everything is clean (and cat hair free), and you can watch whatever ridiculous tv shows you want while bouncing on the bed and trying to remember the lyrics to "Froggy Went A-Courtin'." The maid was amused when she passed me a bathrobe through the door and I asked her if I was right that Froggy carried a "sword and pistol by his side." She didn't know, but she was very gracious about it.

And then I painted my nails Stiletto Red to match my plaid shirt and felt very Canadian.

I like arriving at a conference early and hanging out alone. One of my favourite things to do is sit down at the edge of the hotel restaurant, make myself look busy with some reading material and a coffee, and scope out the talent walking through the hotel lobby. It helps me ease into the intensity of conference socializing and shake off some of the anxiety of anticipation.

I was nervous about BlissDom Canada this time, more nervous than I usually am. I think I was so nervous because the panel I was moderating, #EthicsShmethics, was a subject dear to my heart, and I was speaking with such great talent alongside Karen Green, Natasha Chiam, and Shannon McKarney. I was intimidated by the topic, my co-panelists, and all the smarties paying attention to us.

I reminded myself that my nervousness was partially a product of caring so much, though, because I truly am deeply invested in blogging, social media, and the community it has the potential to create. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

Also, a good thing to remember when you're busy having stage fright and second-guessing your value to this great community is that more people like you or don't even notice you than there are people who actively dislike you. The worst that might happen was somebody was going to yawn during my session.

And nobody yawned! In fact, there was so much material we could have covered that we easily ran over our hour-long time slot and could have used three, but I'm biased, being that I'm the one who proposed the topic in the first place.

No. I'm pretty sure they liked it, all biases aside.

And then Colleen O'Dea shifted my whole freaking day when I ran into her while scarfing down donuts. As you can see, she had the great idea to make a shirt that listed all the people she wanted to make sure she met, and I was on it. Seriously, I WAS ON HER SHIRT. She gave me a sharpie and had me check off my name, and I felt brilliantly famous for at least five minutes. Thanks, Colleen!

I only took the above bathroom selfie for the perversely delicious torture of having to look at that crooked picture behind me and not be able to straighten it.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that Katie was my roommate. Once a year, she and I lie awake until 2 a.m. telling each other stories until we have to tell each other to stop being so interesting and go to sleep. You only wish you had a BlissDom Canada wife like this.

Jessica, Natasha, Katie, and I crammed ourselves into a photo booth during a a mock carnival party in honour of lentils — blogging conference parties can be rather bizarre but brilliant mash-ups — and we tried to put on our best sexy faces. Sooooo, that didn't work. I'm framing this to remind myself of the dangers of trying to do sexy face without a mirror.

The glorious pink balls pictured below are the most brilliant candy I ever ate. I stole a handful out of a jar on some table I walked by in a hallway after the lentil party, and they were like cotton candy concentrated down and rolled in icing sugar and now I will dream of them forever.

On the flight home, I saw the year's first ice crystals on my airplane window, so I did my best to make them look pretty so I could avoid the fact in my brain that November follows October and soon we'll find ourselves in the bowels of a Saskatchewan January, possibly weeping under a quilt without any real hope for a living planet.

Woah. That got bad quick.


Every year, BlissDom Canada manages to inspire me, teach me, and motivate me, and this year was no different. Of course, now I want to take up fashion blogging, create gangbusters Pinterest boards, and start podcasting about food with Aidan. I'm pretty sure I will be able to do all of this and more as soon as Google makes robot Schmutzie a reality, which should be soon since they just bought all those all-terrain military robots.

Go, BlissDom Canada!

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