• The retail therapy continues. I managed to facilitate a small windfall for myself this month, so I went shopping again last night. It has been so long since I bought myself any decent clothing for work that, as of last week, every single pair of my dressier pants were being held together someplace by safety pins and/or staples. No word of a lie.

    This time I went straight for the brand new stuff rather than second hand. I bought a black pair of slim-fitting pants with a slight flare at the bottom, a black rounded v-neck silk knit sweater with three-quarter-length sleeves, and a black turtleneck sweater in the same silk material, because the fabric is just that awesome. I really did try to veer away from the black, but I look so damn good in it, and some of the colours that are out this season make me look diseased. Oh, and I also bought a leather wallet in a limey olive colour.

  • The cat, Oskar, has been successfully fixed. I haven't been able to get a good look yet, so I don't know if he has been left with deflated testicles or if the vet removed them altogether.

    I was hoping that this would slow him down for a couple of days at least, but no go. He was a little slower last night, which was expected, because yesterday he got all of his shots, his ear tattooed, and his testicles removed, but he still walked around the house talking his little kitty head off. This morning, he was back to his old self, leaping from chair to chair, talking up a storm, and trying to steal my mascara brush out of my hand at the sink. He's indomitable.

  • NaNoWriMo is already kicking my ass. I fell short of the daily required minimum of 1667 words on the first day, and then yesterday I only wrote 444 words. I have a couple of long weekends scheduled this month, though, so hopefully I will ride this b*st*rd through to the end like a m*th*rf*ck*ng cowperson.

    The Fiery One is far ahead of me at the moment, and my competitive side ground its teeth when he told me his word count. I WILL DO THIS THING, BECAUSE IF I DON'T, HE WINS.

  • I need to clarify my issue with the repeated colds I seem to get, because I few people have shown some concern over my health:

    • Firstly, I have allergies that act up in the autumn, and when they combine with even the sniffles, I feel like a plug of snot with a nerve disorder.
    • Secondly, I have problems with anxiety and depression that I have had since I can remember. I am fairly good at dealing with them. I make sure that I get out into the sunlight during the colder months, I eat my vegetables, I try to get enough sleep, and I do not drink alcoholic beverages on a daily basis. On occasion, though, I need some serious down time, and if that coincides with a heavier allergy attack, then I call it a "cold" and give myself the space I need to be psychologically functional again.
    • Thirdly, I have kept up the Cold Deceit here as well as in real life, because I would most often rather say I have a cold and go to bed than admit to another boring round of blahdom.
    • Fourthly, I will attempt to forego my usual kneejerk reaction to keep up the Cold Deceit and either not mention it or *gasp* be honest about not actually being virally ill.
    • Fifthly, I apologize for any undue concern this may have caused any of you regarding my health. Aside from some allergies, which aren't extreme, I am truly a fairly physically healthy person. Honest.
    • Sixthly, even though I just admitted to keeping up a complete lie repeatedly on this site, believe everything I just said, because admit it, you still like me.

And now I am off to pile through some more writing for NaNoWriMo, because 1,907 words over the first two days does not look promising.

A Frenzy Of Misplaced Nostalgia