Bespectacled people of the internet, unite! Or, at least the 73 of you (as of February 3, 2007) that have thus far. If you have not yet sent me an image involving your glasses, please do, because there is no best before date on this collection.

(An explanation of this collection, a call for submissions, and the rules are below the following collection of images of and links to the keen and sometimes seeing-impaired readers of Milkmoney Or Not, Here I Come).

61 spectacles with links:

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12 spectacles without links:

ElizabethLeeAnnNancy BurnsFrances and her boy (child's photo used with parental permission)Lil' BirdTintenfischSumoMelissa MacchiavelliEllen & Charlie (child's photo used with parental permission)Mincemeat VixenKim Cornett (child's photo used with parental permission)Kate

In May 2006, I finally got two new pairs of glasses after my pair of six-year-old frames finally bit the dust. I found myself curious about the spectacles everyone else who comes by here was wearing, so I made a call for submissions to start a collection of pictures of people or inanimate objects wearing glasses. Sixteen keen readers of this website obliged my whim, and the beginning of this collection was born.

Do you wear glasses? Sunglasses? I want a picture of you or an object of your choosing wearing them!

Send me a photograph of yourself with your glasses on either you or something else, depending on your deal with privacy. Stick your glasses on a fire hydrant if you want to. If you have more than one pair of glasses, feel free to send me more than one photo to choose from. I will add your picture to the following collage of people and things in glasses. Remember to include your url in your e-mail, so that your picture can act as a link to your site.

A few rules:
• The glasses featured must be ones that you either wear now or once wore.
• If the glasses pictured are on an actual, human face, it must be your own face. If you do not want to use your own face, then please use an inanimate object or a willing non-human participant.
• I will resize your picture if it is more than 70 pixels by 70 pixels. The picture you send must be no less than 70 pixels by 70 pixels. If it is not already clear, 70 pixels by 70 pixels is the height and width set for each picture in this collection.
• If you send me more than one picture, I will only use one for the collection, so don't send me pictures that you don't want me to use.
• Your submission of pictures to me by e-mail will be taken as consent to my posting one in this collection, editing it for size, and using the image as a link to your website if you provide the url. If at any point you would like me to remove your image and link, I will.
• The pictures can be from thirty years ago or hand-drawn facsimiles or whatever. I'm easy that way.

Please send your submissions to schmutzie at gmail dot com and use the word EYEWEAR! for the subject line of your e-mail. Do not forget to include your website address (if you have one) with your picture, because I'm not psychic, and the internet is a big place.

I want to see your eyewear, so fork over your pictures and urls now, dammit!

"Duck And Cover"

The Collection of Spectacles: A Collection of People and Inanimate Objects Wearing Glasses