Elan's January 2019 Mixtape

Elan's January 2019 Mixtape

January’s mixtape is 1 hour and 11 minutes long and has 20 pop, alternative, country, rock, funk, jazz, world, punk, indie rock, and r&b/soul songs from 5 different decades.

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January 2019’s playlist on Spotify and Apple Music:

1. Weekender Baby — Lou Doillon (2015)  2. Knock That Statue Down — Marc Ribot and Syd Straw (2018)  3. All I Needed Was the Rain — Glen Campbell (2018)  4. When It Comes to You — Dead Ghosts (2010)  5. Who Do You Love — Bo Diddley (1956)  6. I Got the Rhythm (feat. Elliott Cole) — Lack of Afro (2016)  7. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised — Gil Scott-Heron (1971)  8. Bongolia — Incredible Bongo Band (1974)  9. Laziko — Gaye Su Akyol (2018)  10. Run to Your Mama — Goat (2012)  11. I Believe — Buzzcocks (1997)  12. Teenage Lobotomy — Ramones (1977)  13. Explosions — The Mary Onettes (2006)  14. Salt Eyes — Middle Kids (2018)  15. Alive and a Well — Vagabon (2017)  16. My Boy (Twin Fantasy) — Car Seat Headrest (2018)  17. Radio Cure — Wilco (2002)  18. whisper — serpentwithfeet (2018)  19. Aquatic — Son Lux (2018)  20. The Man Who Married a Robot / Love Theme — The 1975 (2018)

Some notes:

  1. Hey! It’s 2019! Time does not pass at a perfectly metered rate and we each experience it differently but agree to live by collectively synchronized machines, but I’ll get behind the excitement of seeing 2018 out, because whew. That was a year.

  2. This isn’t music-related, but Chuck Todd said they weren’t going to entertain climate change denialism on Meet the Press. This lit a goddamn candle of hope in my heart. A GODDAMN CANDLE OF HOPE.

  3. I’m pro-love and anti-nazis, so Knock That Statue Down is a must heading into 2019. Some history can be remembered without respect. There aren’t statues to Hitler in Germany, and nobody forgets him, so I think we can get rid of a few John A. Macdonald statues without forgetting the racism, violence, and genocide that sowed the seeds of Canada’s beginnings and continue to this day.

  4. Man, am I getting into it over here, but love gets loud and the world is running fast. I think I’ve got myself under control now, though. Back to the music…

  5. How come none of you told me about Lack of Afro? You’re all on notice.

  6. Gil Scott-Heron’s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised is as brilliant now as the day it was recorded on April 19, 1971. Here are the annotated lyrics at Genius.

  7. I listened to the Buzzcocks in high school, and then they fell out of my listening rotation. I blame my pre-internet poverty when I had to sell off all of my CDs for food money. Back when we had to pay $25+ for ten songs on a disc, there was a steady economy of second-hand CDs that let people like me get quick cash for soup and sometimes, when I was feeling flush, buy back what I’d sold off a few months earlier. Anyway, I forgot how brilliant the Buzzcocks are, and I fully and unequivocally repent. Put on a ratty band t-shirt and some ripped jeans, turn up I Believe really loud, and swear you’ll be nothing like your parents (unless your parents are/were wonderful, forward-thinking humans, of course).

  8. Son Lux’s Aquatic holds me in sway. My brain falls into a slow, long, meditative exhale, and I am made aware of how much I have been holding my breath for two years.

    If we don't know what we're speaking
    And we are not who we've been
    There's a chance we're only waking
    From a dream of the god in our breast

    How will we be in that waking?
    How will we be in the womb?
    We may all begin aquatic
    But we leave only dust from our bones

Here’s to more actual breathing in 2019. We’ve still got the breath in our lungs, as much as we can inhale and let go.

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