Blog Topics: These Are Some For When You Are Stuck

Blog Topics: These Are Some For When You Are Stuck


Take a picture of the cat that keeps stroking your leg under the table. People like cats, and they will especially like Onion, because he's handsome. Who wouldn't love a cat that strokes your leg under the table while you work? Post that picture here:


Decide to turn what you are writing into a list. This way you can write fewer sentences and stop worrying too much about word flow from paragraph to paragraph.


Stretch while you make coffee and call it yoga. Write that down and frame it as a tutorial for dealing with the stress of self-employment in today's shifting job market.


Think about something that makes you very sad. Are you really sad now? Good. Write about how sad you are. People like sad.



Find something contentious, something that is causing outrage among your peers or target audience, and take a stand. Say something like "If you don't vaccinate your kids you're a murderer of old people" or "if biblical literalism pointed at the truth all the atheists would have been smote by now". The resulting conversations should keep you busy for at least a few hours.


Find a video that is funny or uplifting, embed it in a blog post, and use this formula for the title:

"This NOUN + VERB + PREPOSITION + This NOUN, and You Won't Believe What Happened Next"


Fix yourself a snack, take artful photos of it, and call it a lifestyle piece.


And, voilà! You have a blog post! *

* Any ensuing feelings of shame are normal and should pass on their own. If they persist for longer than four hours, consult with your therapist.

Aidan and Onion, Sitting On a Couch, C-U-D-D-L-I-N-G

Aidan and Onion, Sitting On a Couch, C-U-D-D-L-I-N-G

Lula Waits for Snacks

Lula Waits for Snacks